Sunday, September 30, 2012

10 Points Plus vs. 10 Points Plus?

Reese's Minis vs. Chipolte Bowl

So tonight my sister and I discovered that both of these items are both equal to 10 points plus values. CRAZY!

It is all about choices here people. We have the power to choose what we put in our bodies, and those choices will cause us to be healthy or unhealthy.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Week #2 = Vacation

Week #2: I have gained 3 pounds! Eek!

Well, the gain is only contributed to my own choices this weekend. Tuesday through Thursday I counted points and was right on track. By Thursday evening though, I had used ALL of my weekly points! And I was going on vacation! So I thought to myself, I will be good and only eat my daily points and stay on plan....that went right out the window!

I went up to Door County, WI. I had never been before, but I will go back! It was a BEAUTIFUL little county, surrounded by water. LOVED it! They had NO corporate run buisness', only mom'n'pop shops! It was great! So you know the food was wonderful! There was fudge and cheese galore! Wine tastings, bread tastings. Smoke houses, BBQ joints, and lots of fish. Wait, did I mention the fudge?! :)

So needless to say, I gained 3 pounds from this wonderful weekend get away. (I was just glad it wasn't more!)

I did go to my weigh in on Tuesday, and I am back on track this week. There are only 8 more weeks until my 25th birthday and Thanksgiving! My goal is to have lost a total of 20 pounds by my Birthday! I had a little set back, but I know that if I put my mind to it, I can do it.

See you next week!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Week # 1 of Starting Over

OMG! So this week I am SIX pounds!!! So excited!

Last week, I rejoined Weight Watchers (WW), and I'm so glad I did! Within 3 days I started to feel better and had more energy just because I was eating better! I barely ate out, and when I did it was Subway. I made all my meals ate home, and baked...a lot.

Over the weekend I left my cell phone in the bathroom and someone swiped it! I was so upset! I've been using it as my tracker and my food scanner when I go grocery shopping. I felt so lost at Meijer without it! Thankfully I have a new one coming to the house today or tomorrow and then I will not feel so naked. LOL.

This week at my WW meeting we talked about being a Weekend Warrior, and how to stay on plan over the weekend. I don't really have a problem with the weekends now because I don't go out much. But when the holidays roll around, that's when it goes down hill. There's Halloween, My Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years....all within a few weeks of each other! So we talked about several ways to beat over indulging.

First, the buffet is NOT your friend, so don't hang around it like it is!

Second, track! Make sure you are writing down EVERYTHING you eat....even if you don't, it still counts.

And third, do not deprive yourself. If you want a cookie, have a cookie! Just make sure you account for it in your daily (or weekly) points. By depriving yourself you will just eat everything else, and in the end you will ending up eating that cookie anyways because nothing else was satisfying.'

It was a great first week, I hope to keep this momentum going!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Photos of Week 1: Starting Over

Week 1 (starting over): 225lbs

Determined to make it to goal!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Starting Over

My name is Heather and I am a food addict. I have been an off again on again dieter for some time now. My most recent relapse was almost a year ago, but today (September 11) I have chosen to hold myself accountable again.

I am 51 pounds away from final weight loss goal, and I am 51.4 pounds down from where I began my journey. The halfway point is always the hardest for me. I feel like I have come so far and should not give up, but I still have so far to go. My mind is in a constant battle with itself. However, today, I chose to take that first step by allowing myself to be held accountable by friends and family by sharing, once again, my journey with those that love me most.

I rejoined Weight Watchers this morning and have weighed in at a number much higher than what I have seen in a long time. I know, though, with strength and determination I will chisel away at that number and watch the scale go lower and lower each week.

My starting weight today: 225
My goal weight: 174
Total lost since my journey started: 51.4
Pounds to go: 51

I ask that you would join with me and help encourage and lift me up throughout this journey. I could not have done it without the many people who have stood by me and encouraged me throughout this process. Thank you in advance.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Movin' On Down!

Alright, I am moving right along here with the weight loss journey! Its been about 3 weeks now, and as of this morning I have currently lost a total of 10bs!!!

I have been so glad to be back on track, it feels great and I feel great!! :) And I have had so much support getting back on track and I am so thankful for that!

First weigh in the first week of September, 215lbs and this week 205!!!

I am only 6lbs away from being in one-derland!! And I had set that as my mini-goal to reach by Halloween and I am well on my way!! Any idea on what my reward should be?!

So happy!! Updated pictures coming soon.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Once More

Hello to all of my friends and family! It has been a number of months since my last post, and even longer since I was last counting points and working toward my goal! You will however, be pleased to know that I have once again started down the path to my ultimate weight loss goal! 

In April I had hip surgery and was out of commission for two months! And in January they had stopped me from all exercise. And well before that, in October/November, I had stopped counting points! And over that time, because I had learned to change my eating habits (change your thinking, change your mind) I was able to only fluctuate between 208 and 218 pounds. 

A few weeks ago, I was in Texas for training for my new job, and they provided everything; including the food! By the end of it I felt so bloated and gross I knew I had to make a change and fast. So this past Monday I started counting my points once again. Although I have not yet re-joined the weight watchers meetings (which I soon plan to do), I have had the support of my family and friends to make it through this first week. 

On Monday I weighed in at 215 and as of today I weigh 210.4! I think that that is a pretty great start! 

I hope that you will continue to read I as I commit to start posting blogs and pictures, and walking through this journey once more. Thank you for your love and support!